7 Best Wind Speed Gauges 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide

Wind speed gauges, also commonly referred to as anemometers, are tools used to measure the speed, direction, and strength of gases, including air. They have many uses: they help monitor and predict weather patterns, and are useful to determine the development of storms. But measuring wind speed can also be helpful in your everyday life. … Read more

Best Rain Gauges

5 Best Rain Gauges 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide

A rain gauge (also called udometer) is an instrument used to measure the quantity and intensity of rain over a certain period. It helps establish how much rain has precipitated over time, measured in millimeters. You might wonder what purpose is there in measuring rainfall. Well, there are many: Helps study the conditions of water … Read more

Best Weather Radio

5 Best Weather Radios 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide

Weather radios are necessary equipment in certain areas, as they receive a public broadcast service by government-owned radio station. These radios broadcast weather forecasts, and potential weather emergencies like storms and cyclones. Specifically, you are looking for NOAA channels, a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information, 24 hours a day, every day. … Read more