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After some equipment upgrades, the scanner stream is back.

We're now streaming in 24K AAC+ stereo, with the County Fire/CDF/USFS scanner on the left channel, and SLO City Fire on the right channel.

The stream's comparatively low bit rate and use of ShoutCast servers tends to make for a large audio buffer. This means that if you listen to a live scanner and our feed at the same time, our audio will be delayed by up to a minute or so.

Most audio players (WinAmp preferred) should stream this MP3 stream.

POCKET PC USERS: Because GSPlayer will not decode AAC+, the current stream won't play on a Pocket PC. If there is enough demand, I'll see about putting up an MP3 stream for PDAs.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:
When there are no incidents being handled, there won't be anything to hear. This isn't like AM/FM radio.
Because of the nature of scanning receivers, it's entirely possible to miss radio traffic on one channel because the radio is scanning or locked on another channel.
We're still wringing out the system, working on the antenna, and the channel lineup. Availability may be limited.

If you have any comments, please use our contact form to email us.


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